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Community and Philanthropy | A Conversation with Darnerien McCants

January 22, 2024 Julia Healey
Inspired Changemakers Podcast
Community and Philanthropy | A Conversation with Darnerien McCants
Inspired Changemakers Podcast
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Show Notes

🎧 About the Episode:

 In this episode, Inspired Changemakers is honored to host Darnerien McCants, a true inspiration in every sense. From his roots in Baltimore, Maryland, to a standout high school athlete across three schools, Darnerien's journey took a pivotal turn when he walked on scholarship to Delaware State University, excelling in both football and track.

As a fifth-round draft choice to the Washington Commanders where he played for four years before joining the Eagles for an additional year, Darnerien's NFL career was marked by achievements on and off the field. Notable accolades include the Kids Choice Award, Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, and being named Washingtonian of the Year.

Join us as Darnerien shares the highs and challenges of his professional football career and the impactful moments that shaped his commitment to community service. From raising 3000 coats for Hurricane Katrina victims to his current roles as a philanthropist, educator, personal trainer, and mentor, Darnerien's story is one of resilience and positive change. 

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