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Don't Do Nothing | A Conversation with Jonathan Smith

December 04, 2023 Julia Healey
Inspired Changemakers Podcast
Don't Do Nothing | A Conversation with Jonathan Smith
Inspired Changemakers Podcast
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Show Notes

Don’t Do Nothing | A Conversation with Jonathan Smith

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🎧 About the Episode:

As the Owner of Brush Arbor Homes and the visionary behind Buy One Build One, Jonathan is committed to bringing about positive change on a global scale. Throughout the episode, Julia and Jonathan delve into themes of leadership, innovation, and the profound impact of philanthropy. Gain a deeper understanding of how taking initiative, faith, and a commitment to social responsibility converge in Jonathan's journey. Show your support for Jonathan and his impactful endeavors by liking, sharing, and leaving a comment below. Together, let's celebrate the inspiring work of changemakers like Jonathan Smith!


🔗 Connect with Jonathan:

Brush Arbor Homes Website

Buy One Build One Website


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