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Leaning Into Adversity | A Conversation with Hubert Payne

October 23, 2023 Julia Healey
Inspired Changemakers Podcast
Leaning Into Adversity | A Conversation with Hubert Payne
Inspired Changemakers Podcast
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Show Notes

Leaning Into Adversity | A Conversation with Hubert Payne

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🎧 About the Episode:

With his infectious enthusiasm, unwavering dedication, and innate ability to connect with individuals, Hubert Payne stands as a true inspiration and role model. His journey from the world of music to the realm of personal development and wellness exemplifies his unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to embrace their full potential, find harmony in their lives, and achieve holistic well-being. Hubert's career as a Grammy award-winning drummer has not only provided him with immense artistic fulfillment but has also deepened his understanding of the profound impact that self-expression and personal growth can have on one's life. This unique blend of musical artistry and passion for transformative coaching fuels The Hubert Payne Foundation’s mission to uplift individuals, couples, and families, transforming lives and contributing to a society characterized by resilience, fulfillment, and holistic growth. Throughout the episode, Julia and Hubert dive into their personal and professional journeys, self-expression, and overcoming hardship, and what it means to ‘lean into adversity’. 


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 Hubert Payne | LinkedIn

The Hubert Payne Foundation Donation Page


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