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Giving Legends | A Conversation with Hannibal and Charlie

September 25, 2023 Julia Healey
Inspired Changemakers Podcast
Giving Legends | A Conversation with Hannibal and Charlie
Inspired Changemakers Podcast
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Show Notes

🎧 About the Episode:
Hannibal Navies is a former NFL athlete who played 10 years in the league. He now serves as Vice President of Development at United Charitable and spearheads the Athletes Charitable division. Athletes Charitable works to help professional and retired athletes make a positive impact on the world through social entrepreneurship. He is joined by Charlie Batch, a 15-year NFL veteran and founder of the Best of the Batch Foundation, in this episode to speak with Julia about their experience in philanthropy and their upcoming podcast, Giving Legends.  Please remember to like, share, and leave a comment below to support Hannibal and Charlie and their impactful work.
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