Inspired Changemakers Podcast

Embracing the Journey | A Conversation with Tammy Highley and Meagan Zawistowski

July 31, 2023 Julia Healey
Inspired Changemakers Podcast
Embracing the Journey | A Conversation with Tammy Highley and Meagan Zawistowski
Inspired Changemakers Podcast
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Show Notes

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🎧 About the Episode: 

In this episode, we dive into the lives of two inspiring individuals, Tammy Highley and Meagan Zawistowski, who have created positive change in their communities and have a powerful mutual connection- CrossFit. 

Tammy Highley, also a wife and mother of two, is a CrossFit Coach at Shenandoah CrossFit in Winchester, VA. Her own transformative CrossFit journey inspired her to change her life and help others do the same. Tammy has pursued numerous certifications and continued her education in fitness and nutrition to better support those seeking positive transformations. Meagan Zawistowski is a wife, mother, and dedicated high school counselor in Loudoun County. Her passion for athletics and physical activities led her to CrossFit in 2019. Since then, she has not only become a skilled athlete but also obtained certifications to become a coach at her local CrossFit Gym, Black Widow CrossFit. Meagan is committed to guiding individuals towards success, both inside and outside the gym.  

Throughout the episode, Tammy and Meagan share their personal backgrounds, the profound impact CrossFit has had on their lives, and how they are using their passion and expertise to empower and uplift others.Please remember to like, share, and leave a comment below to support Tammy, Meagan, and their impactful work in their communities. 


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